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Hey Igi our mutual friend "Tuna" recommended this game, my only question is: what is the button for eating?

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Sorry for the late response, I got a lot requests about this one, I think its written on the page, I'll make it more clear, you press the text, "Food" press it with your mouse.

also, thanks for interacting with me, and I'll have to thanks tuna personaly for helping me spread the game

Well this is a great and fabulous little game, though you really have to fix the attack, i have to stand right next to him to attack with my puny sword!

yea I have to say that this game was really good for a pixel game. it was hard but fun I give it a 9.5/10 and keep up the good work

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Have to say: Good stuff :3

You should keep working on it, because so far it was quite enjoyable and challenging. The one-hit=death mechanic for the roguelike is quite interesting. However the hitboxes... ;D

Jokes aside, its a nice little game so far. Only thing worth noting so far are the hitboxes of the doorways that have gotten me killed a few times as I could not head through them ^^

Keep working on it dude, I would love to see what it will become :3

I did as you sayd and fixed the collision, if there is anything you think can be changed for a better experience i'll take action immediately, I am working on another roguelike, and a "secret" project, if i get to finish either please support me by commenting ideas and bugs, as it is some of the greatest support I can get.